A boutique collection of garden-inspired patterns silkscreened by hand in California on exquisite ground fabrics imported from Belgium.


Even with all of the printed fabrics available, as a designer I still struggle to find classic colors and ground fabrics that don’t feel old and dated or overly reimagined.

Hence, I began the project to create HORTICULTURE HOUSE.

Selecting the proper ground fabrics was essential to the overall look and usage of the collection. The lighter-weight linens and linen blends from Belgium make beautifully tailored draperies and Roman shades, and they are equally successful on upholstered furniture. The thicker, heavier grounds are luxurious with a rich soft hand providing the unmistakable quality of a true classic.

horticulture house fabric pattern

The fabrics are hand-screened here in the US and are noticeably artisan, without looking distressed. Each print has a fresh, crisp appearance. Not too creamy or too bright, the white backgrounds provide the perfect balance of fresh and new. Neutral-colored ground fabrics complement the line and allow for a greater depth of color.

The patterns are not geometric, floral, or old world, but instead refreshingly original and printed in colors that are neither fashionable nor trendy, but instead stalwart. The pattern designs feel uniquely American in style with classic colors that are timeless.

horticulture house fabric pattern

John R. Roberts

Horticulturist & Interior Design

After years of designing interior and exterior projects, JRR printed his first patterned fabric in 2010.

To learn more about John R. Roberts go to: www.johnrroberts.com

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